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"Cornerstone Church is commited to building strong individuals and strong families to the glory of God and and for the work of the ministry. "
Discipleship at Cornerstone Church
THREE ESSENTIAL SEMINARS Conducted by the pastor who has operated a Christian Counseling Clinic for many years and is a Board Certified Christian Counselor through the International Institute of Faith-based Counselors.  Each seminar is conducted on a Saturday from 9am to 2pm spaced throughout the year
Graphic #1 and Graphic #2 depict the Simple Discipleship Model we employ at Cornerstone.  We believe it our mandate to train and equip men and women for the work of the Lord.  Graphic #1 shows the four areas of spiritual life developed in the life of the believer, beginning with WORSHIP and moving clockwise to WORD, MINISTRY and finally MISSIONS.  Every disciple is on this path and continues in the process over a life time, WORSHIP, WORD, MINISTRY and MISSIONS.  Graphic #2 further explains the content of each quadrant , showing the flow of experiences from "Connecting"  to "Development, then "Engaging" and finally to "Deployment".   The weekly and monthly opportunities explained in the SERVICES/MAP are the means by which Simple Discipleship takes place.  (MORE BELOW)
1) Marriage Seminar - Rescuing, rennovating, strenghening of the marriage covenant through Biblical principles and Godly wisdom is the goal of this seminar. .  Unfortunately the divorce statistics are the same in the church as they are in the world.  This should not be.  This semiinar will  contribute significanlty to the integrity of any Christian marriage through it's 12 principles and the completion of two revealing surveys. 

2) Parenting Seminar - A great seminar on Biblical and practical methods of child rearing.  A real "sanity saver"!  Bring peace back to your home.  Learn how to shepherd a childs heart while employing creative peace-saving discipline.

3) Finance Seminar - Finally, a practical look at Biblical finances.  How to apply the principles of God's Kingdom to prosper even in down times.

We believe, if your marriage is strong, your kids are stable and your finances are in order, the rest is easy.  These seminars are open to all and free of charge.
Everyone is invited to use their unique gifting to reach the community during outreach events.