Cornerstone Church   Statesboro, Georgia
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About Cornerstone Church
Cornerstone Church was formed in 1989 with a small but dedicated band of believers originally meeting at an older rented church facility.  Five acres of land were donated to the fellowship and the permanent facility was constructed on the site in 2002. 
Cornerstone is non-denominational, cross cultural and inter-racial in it's membership.  Our prayer and goal is to be a New Testament expression of Christ's body where anyone can feel at home in an atmosphere of love and acceptance where the life-changing Gospel is preached in power.  We generally dress casually, but style of dress is an individual choice and variety makes life interesting. Our worship is mostly contemporary  with an occasional traditional hymn, but our goal is to honor God with heart felt spiritual worship not cold religious songs.  Raising hands and clapping are common and welcome expressions of praise to our great God and Savior.  Our guests always feel at home and welcome.  Visit us soon.
The portion of Scripture that best defines the ministry is Luke 4:18, in which Jesus describes the ministry as one that preaches the Gospel to the poor, heals the broken hearted, proclaims liberty to the captives, the recovery of sight to the blind, sets at liberty those who are oppressed.  Basically moving people from bondage to freedom.

1. Exalting the Lord . . . . through hearfelt praise, worship, prayer and obedience to His Word.  Giving our time, talents and treasure as an offering to God.
2. Epuipping the Saints . . . . to fulfill ones destiny through Godly vision, Biblical teaching and pastoral ministries; bringing believers to maturity, resulting in an active, restored, triumphant church.
3. Extending the Kingdom . . . . of God through the church to our city our nation and the world, through aggressive evangelism, training of leaders, sending finances and sending missionaries and missionary teams as God directs and gives grace.

The last command of Jesus was, "Go and make disciples".  We take this task seriously and have implemented a discipleship strategy that everyone is involved with at some level.  You will learn more about this plan under DISCIPLESHIP.

​Throughout the year we celebrate the Feasts of Lord.  We believe there is much to be learned through these celebrations and the hidden prophetic meaning as each feast is explored.  We have had courses of study on the Hebraic foundations of our faith and have been richly blessed.   While making special effort  to not "Judaiz" or fall into the trap of legalism, we recognize the importance of understanding the wide range of Jewish customs and traditions that bring deeper meaning to the Word of God which came forth from the nation and people of Israel.  In addition we regularly bless Israel with our support both financially and in prayer for the Scriptures declare that God will "bless them that bless thee (Israel).

Watchfulness is stressed by the Lord and we believe it is 
vital at this hour to know the "signs of the times" as they
 relate to the coming of the Lord.  In addition to Study Series, 
 current events and trends both nationally and internationally 
are reviewed and analysed regularly to see how they fit into 
the unfolding of end-time prophecy.  In doing this we will not
 be caught unaware as warned by Jesus.